Best Electric Bikes Under 800

Top Best Electric Bikes Under 800 – Mountain Electric Bike Under 800 2020

Our experts have reviewed the best electric bikes under 800 dollars 2020, know about best mountain electric bike under 800 in USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

Also known as e-bikes, electric bicycles folding electric bikes, mountain electric bikes and Pedalic Electric Bike, has a lot of benefits, compared traditional bicycles.

You can use ebike conversion kit to convert your regular bicycle into electric bike.

They eliminate some of the problems you face with the traditional pedal bicycles. Powered by an electric motor, electric bikes allow the rider to ride fast, climb hills effortlessly and reduce carbon footprint.

Something else, electric bikes don’t require license plates, registration or insurance. So, the question remains, why aren’t more people acquiring e-bikes? And the answer is simple and clear- cost!

If you are one less budget, why not try our 500 electric bike range, if you have good budget you can buy 1500 dollar electric bike, which offers more features.

Best Electric Bikes Under 800

Here is the list of top rated electric bikes under 800 2020 available in the market.

#1. TopMate ES30 Electric Scooter Mini Tricycle | Key Switch 3 Gears | Rear Axle Longer | for Mobility Assistance and Travel

It is recommended that people under the height of 70.87inch and under 80 years old use this electric scooter. Driving electric scooter requires basic balancing capabilities.

Always wear a mountain bike helmet while riding an electric bike.

Portable and Lightweight: Mini electric tricycle,the total weight is only 30.9lb, can be folded,easy to lift with one hand, can be placed in office, elevator, trunk etc.

Good Load Bearing Capacity: 98% of the whole vehicle adopts aviation aluminum alloy, which is firm and light, with high physical properties and corrosion resistance. The whole vehicle weight is only 30.9lb, but the carrying capacity reaches 220.5lb.

Durable Battery: 18650 power lithium battery, charging duration of 3-4.5 hours, battery endurance of 20-30 km (12.4-18.6 miles), is the best choice for short trips.

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Hope our this guide will help you to select best electric bike under 800 dollar. If you know a good mountain electric bikes under 800, share it with us using comment section below.

Best Electric Bikes Under 1500

Best Electric Bikes Under 1500 2020 Mountain Electric Bikes Under 1500

Find out what are the best electric bikes under 1500 dollars and best mountain electric bikes under 1500 2020.

Electric mountain bikes are becoming increasingly popular and not just for climbing those steep trails. Commuting on e-MTBs has been the norm in Europe for a while so expect to see more on our cities’ roads in the years ahead.

Best Electric Bikes Under 1500
Best Electric Bikes Under 1500

If you are planning a vocation to satisfy your photography desire, don’t forget to pack your cameras, flashguns, floor standing speakers under 2000 , dog harnesses for running and other accessories in rolling camera bags .

Best Electric Bikes Under 1500

Here is one of the best electric bike under $1500, which you can buy in 2020.

Merida eOne-Twenty 500 Review

Like a couple of bikes already mentioned on this list the eOne-Twenty 500 from Merida is a great e-MTB for beginners.

Coming in at a wallet-friendly $4,999 (99 Bikes) this latest offering from the German brand features a lighter weight (23.5 kg), designed to appeal to those dabbling in the electronic department for the first time.

Powered by a Shimano E7000 drive unit and battery, the 500 also boasts pedal assist, resulting in the battery kicking in only when you pedal, saving energy and ensuring you have maximum control.
The Suntour XCR Fork provides 130mm of travel (120mm rear) and the Maxxis tyres are designed to handle whatever terrain you decide to shred. The 500 also has short chainstays and this combined with a short stem and wide handlebars gives the rider extra control.

All in all this is a great bike for those new to the ‘e-game’, a good deal of control as well as light frame all combining to make your first e-MTB experience a good one. You can find even lower price ebikes in the market.

Always wear a helmet while riding the bicycle, to make sure head is safe from any severe injury.

Best Mountain Electric Bikes Under 1500

Specialized Turbo Kenevo 2020 Review

Whereas the eOne-Twenty 500 is a more lightweight option, the Turbo Kenevo from Specialized is a beast. The 2020 version has been redesigned to handle descents better, a criticism of the 2019 rig.

One of the drawbacks to e-MTBs is the inevitable extra weight and despite the Kenevo dropping some weight for the 2020 model it’s not a light bike.

That being said, it shouldn’t really try to be. The top of the range Kenevo Expert has 180mm of RockShox suspension as well as a 700-watt battery to give it a lot of wriggle room.

It’s also designed to handle the roughest terrain possible and boasts an increased rearward axle path to ensure big rocks aren’t a problem.

The Expert’s price of $11,400 is sure to make some eyes water but there is another model in the Turbo Kenevo Comp for a more realistic $8,800. If you’re wanting to push yourself, then the Turbo Kenevo is the ultimate e-MTB for you. Best Electric Bikes Under $1000

You can use truck bed extenders to carry your electric bicycles during your out door activities.

Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit

#10 Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits Review 2020 Most Powerful Cheap

Here is list of Top Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits with battery Review 2020. Out experts have reviewed the Most Powerful eBikes Conversion Kit. These are some cheapest and affordable Electric Bike Conversion Kit front wheel.

Electric bikes (or E-bikes) are becoming popular vehicle in commuters, sport riders and hobbyists. High powered electric motors and rechargeable high power batteries are making electric bikes a hot trending product in upcoming years.

Just imagine you loves a bicycle brand and want to convert that into high performance electric bike? you can easily do this by using one of the top electric bike conversion kit.

Our experts have reviewed the top 10 best electric bike conversion kits which are available in the market. Our list is based on the product quality, customers reviews, and durability.

If you ride a bike on regular bases, do you use it to ride on mountains? if you use it to commute, you may be looking for a cheap solution to convert it to an electric motor.

Or may be you have tried looking for conversion kits online, you may have found different brands with different options from multi manufacturers with different price ranges.

It is important now to understand that what kind of kit you are looking for because there are many types. You can either choose a electric bike conversion kit front wheel, a front wheel kit or a kit with a battery.

Find Out:

With this in mind, you avoid buying the wrong product for your bike.

Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Here is out list of top 10 electric bike conversion kits 1000w 2020.

  1. BAFANG 8FUN MidDrive fastest electric bike conversion kit
  2. AW Best Rear Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit
  3. AW Best Front Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit
  4. Tongsheng TSDZ2 E-Bike Kit
  5. Pinty Best E-Bike Conversion Kit
  6. AW Best Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit
  7. Voilamart 26″ Rear Wheel fat bike electric conversion kit
  8. JAXPETY 48V 1000W electric mountain bike conversion kit
  9. Goplus electric motorbike conversion kit
  10. JAXPETY 36V 500W easy electric bike conversion kit

Best Fastest Electric Bike Conversion Kit

8FUN Bafang BBSHD Model 48V 1000W E-bike Electric Bicycle Motor Mid Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit

This is one of the best electric bike conversion kits, made by famous conversion kit brand 8fun Bafang.

All necessary mounting accessories are included. Please see the packing list image. Brake levers can be changed to hydraulic and mechanical brake sensor. But motors in Prime are only packed with brake levers.

This most powerful electric bike conversion kit can be successfully installed into an electric bicycle. The process will take just a few time by only a few tools which can remove the crankset and the center shaft, as well as tools for installing this mid-drive motor.

Fit a standard JIS 68 – 73 mm/ 100 mm/ 120 mm bottom bracket. Suitable for mountain bike, road bike, commuter bike, fat tire bike. You can also use this with electric bikes under 1500.

NOT recommended to apply this motor to bikes with carbon fiber frame in case of damaging the frame.

Two riding mode, electric bikes & pedal bicycle, faster traffic & physical exercise can be achieved at the same time. This is best suited for electric bike under 500.

A wonderful choice for cycling enthusiasts and those who want faster traffic to transport or travel. This 1000W motor is from the Bafang BBSHD series, providing powerful and ideal power.

Check Price

AW Best Rear Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit

This is awesome! I used this for a custom made handicapped electric bike for wheel chairs. It is silent, and most people don’t even realize that it is electric.

The install took about 4 hours only because it was a custom bike and I extended the wires for the controller. I am not using the pedal sensor, just the throttle controls.

Keep in mind you may have to move your gear shifter to the opposite handlebar and mount it upside down if you have a rotary shifter.

Another option is the full replacement of your rear wheel. 1000W motor in this rear hub is surprisingly quiet considering it has so much power.

A thumb throttle controls whether pedal assist is on or off. There are levels to choose from to customize the assist/full-electric mode. This work best with electric bikes under 1000.

This electric cycle conversion kit has LED indicator lights on the controller show you how much battery life is remaining. This kit is suitable only for road use.

Although the power matches what is needed for off-road use, the included tire and wheel are not suitable. If you want to convert the rear wheel of a cargo bike, then this kit is perfect.

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Best Electric Bikes Under $500

Top Rated Best Electric Bikes Under $500 2020

Here is the $500 electric bike, find out what are the best electric bikes under 500 dollars 2020 consumer reports.

This list also contains top rated folding electric bike under 500 and best mountain electric bike under £500.

On the other hand you can also use electric bike conversion kit to convert your regular bicycle to electric bike.

Previously we have covered the ebikes under 1000 dollars, you can also check that list out.

Best Electric Bikes Under $500

  1. EmioCycles Dual Power E-Bike – Emiocycles Motorcycle Electronic Bike
  2. ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike Adult Electric Mountain Bike, 26″ Electric Bicycle 20Mph with Removable 12.5Ah/8AH Lithium-Ion Battery, Professional 21 Speed Gears
  3. Goplus 20″ Electric Mountain Bike Bicycle E-Bike Fat Tire 17MPH Max Speed with Removable 48V 350W Lithium Battery, Charger and Shimano Speed Shifter
  4. ECOTRIC 20″ New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike Beach Snow Bicycle ebike 500W Electric Moped Electric Mountain Bicycles
  5. NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle Sporting Shimano 6 Speed Gear EBike Brushless Gear Motor with Removable Waterproof 36V10A Lithium Battery and Battery Charger
  6. ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike, 16 Inch Collapsible Electric Commuter Bike Ebike with 36V 8Ah Lithium Battery
  7. SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Lightweight and Aluminum Folding EBike with Pedals, Power Assist, and 36V Lithium Ion Battery; Electric Bike with 14 inch Wheels and 250W Hub Motor
  8. Yiilove Electric Bicycle 26” Electric Mountain Bike for Adult with 36V Lithium-Ion Battery Ebike 250W Powerful Motor 21 Speed

Top Rated Electric Bikes Under 500

EmioCycles Dual Power E-Bike

EmioCycles Dual Power E-Bike

The EmioCycles Dual Power 14 inch E-Bike has a convenient, foldable and beautiful design for personal transportation. It makes commutes easier and is environmentally friendly, and it can be used as a regular bike or E-bike.

You can easily fold it up and store it in your trunk, your closet, any room in the house! The bike has a 36V/5.8 Ah Lithium LG battery and can go up to 15-21 miles in one charge. The EmioCycles Dual Power E-Bike has a speed sensor, a disc brake and maximum load is 242 lbs.

Very well made, quality components, easy and comfortable ro ride even for a 6′ tall and 245lbs guy like me. Very powerful too, the lowest pedal assist setting is more than sufficient. In summary: a superb bicycle for the price. Highly recommended.

ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike Adult Electric Mountain Bike, 26″ Electric Bicycle 20Mph with Removable 12.5Ah/8AH Lithium-Ion Battery, Professional 21 Speed Gears

ANCHEER electric bike is a leading icon of e-bikes. For years, ANCHEER has been not only dedicating to innovation, cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials, but also providing cost effective e-bikes, to satisfy riders’ various needs of transportation and even desire of exploring sports & outdoors life. Just ride freely with ANCHEER!

Strong Body – The fork is made of carbon steel and the handle bar is made from aluminum alloy. This makes the bike light weight yet very sturdy. These metals can take heavy weights as well as rough terrain, and has adjustable seat/ handbar angle/stem’s length set. thus making this an apt mountain bike, ancheer fat tire electric mountain bike.

Brake & Gear Shift System – With front and rear disc brakes and 21-speed transmission system, you can choose any speed according to your needs. The perfect brakes fully protect your safety. And the horn and the bright LED headlamp are equipped for night riding, ancheer 20 wheel folding electric city bike.

Removable Battery & Mileage – With Easy Charge Port System, the electric bike can be charged on or off the frame easily.The mileage range of this bike is in between 25 to 50 km.250W high speed brush-less gear motors easily assists you to travel at the 15mph road speed limit, ancheer 350w 36v folding electric bike.

3 Working Model – E-bike & Assisted bicycle & normal bicycle, you can choose the E-bike to enjoy a long time travel, and also exercise. Combining two modes would be a better choice.

best electric bike under 1000

#10 Best Electric Bikes Under $1000 2019 – Best eBike Under $1000

Best Electric Bikes Under $1000

Here is a latest list of best electric bikes under $1000 2019 to buy without any hesitation. This list contain best e-bike under 1000 with review of their pros and cons.

With the new tech inventions everyday the electric bikes are gaining popularity as well.

E-bikes are becoming more and more popular in result more and more popular brands are stepping into the race.

As different models and brands available in the market, its hard to decide which one is best electric bike under 1000 for you.

So after examining different e-bikes analyzing their reviews, and discussing with different riders Our experts have prepared a list of top best budget electric bikes to under 1000 dollar.

Best Electric Bikes Under 1000 2019

Sr. NoProduct NamePrice
1Merax Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike Check Price
2ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike Check Price
3Tomasar Power Electric Bike Check Price
4NAKTO Adult Electric Bicycles Ebikes for Women Check Price
5Aceshin 26'' Electric Mountain Bike Check Price

#1. Merax Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike Electric Bicycle for Adults 

Merax 26 Aluminum Electric Mountain BikeThe Merax best Electric Mountain Bike for adults will make your mountain biking a lot comfortable with its powerful features.

Merax Comes with 350W Powered Speed Motor with removable 36V 8.8Ah Lithium Battery. You can ride at up to speed 32km per hour and a single charged battery provides a ride upto 28 miles. There is a front headlamp for night safe riding.

There are two riding modes available: E-Bike & PAS. Press the thumb throttle and let the e-biking system hard work for you. Smart digital panel allows for easy changing while riding.

Reliable Shimano shifter provides easy pedaling and smooth shifting with 21 speed transmission system.

It has some really good positive reviews from its loyal customers and our experts recommend this.

You can also find some quality top rated best electric bikes under 300, electric bike under 200 and under 400 too.


Frame: Strong and Lightweight Aluminum Frame

Fork: 700C Steel Threadless

Front Derailleur: Shimano TZ-31

Rear Derailleur: Shimano RD-TZ50

Shifters: Shimano SA050

Brakes: Aluminum Caliper

Rims: Aluminum A5 700Cx14Gx36H*H30

Tires: Kenda 700*28C

Handlebar: W:420mm D:22.2mm

Seat post: Aluminum PR-P1-0 27.2*300*2.2 mm

Weight: 28 LBS

Free pannier bag included

Assembly &Tuning is required


  • Super Low Price


  • For 1 Person Only

View Price on Amazon
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#2. ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike For Adults With Charger

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike For Adults With ChargerANCHEER is a trusted name in the field of Electric Bikes under 1000. Ancheer is the most economic electric bike these days. It is built with high quality material, i.e. aluminum alloy frame, steel and high quality wheels.

With quality front – rear disc brakes and 21-speed transmission system, you can adopt your desired speed to enjoy your journey, and perfectly safe brakes will protect your safety.

With 25 mph high speed, off-rode capability and high quality frame design with awesome motor operation that’s suited to both urban and trail environments. It will be your favorite ebike you have ever owned.

This Unfolding E-bike comes with removable 36V, 8AH Ion lithium battery, custom designed battery fits nicely but can be charged on or off the frame. Equipped with smart lithium battery charger can make you ride up to 25-50 kms.


AN-EB001 (Unfolding E-bike):

Full Length: 64.4 inch

Wheel Diameter: 26 inch

Seat Height: 30.4-39 inch

Handlebars length: 26.7 inch

Package Size: 136*25*73cm

Vehicle weight: About 20kg

Battery weight: About 2.2kg

Mileage: 25-50km

Load capacity: 150kg

Maximum speed: 25km/h

Front Fork: High-strength carbon steel comfort shock absorption

Handlebars: Aluminum Alloy

Lithium battery: 36V 8AH


  • Free Charger
  • Easy to Assemble


  • Some Users Disappointed with Battery

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Best Electric Bikes Under 1000 UK

#3. Tomasar Power Electric Bike With Removable Battery

Tomasar Power Electric Bike With Removable BatteryIf you are looking for a light weight electric bike you might stop looking for after checking the qualities of Tomasar Power Electric Bike With Removable Battery.

Great bike for work transportation. Very easy to put together yourself even if your not mechanically inclined.

They are perfect in our opinion. It’s extremely well build! Everything about it is very high quality, the frame, the frame welds, the disc brakes and so on.

Really Love it! Power is pretty good for me. And Battery life is also good.I would like to emphasize that it is a great cycle for someone who wants something simple, well-built, fun to ride, not expensive, and extremely useful.


Full Length: 64.4 inch
Wheel Diameter: 26 inch
Seat Height: 30.4-39 inch
Handlebars length: 26.7 inch
Vehicle weight: About 20kg
Battery weight: About 2.2kg
Mileage: 35-70km
Load capacity: 150kg
Maximum speed: 25-35km/h
Front Fork: High-strength carbon steel comfort shock absorption
Tire: High quality lithium tire
Brake system: Front and rear disc brakes
Gear shift system: 21-speed transmission system
Lithium battery: 36V
Motor: 250W high speed brushless gear motors
Saddle tube: Aluminum Alloy seat tube
Meter: 3-speed smart meter button
Pedal: Aluminum Alloy Pedal
Front and rear wheels: Double layer Aluminum Alloy wheel
Charging time: 4-6 hours


  • Light Weight
  • Good Battery Timing


  • Don’t have speedometer

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Hope you liked out collection if best electric bikes under 1000, also check out list of best electric bikes under 700, and electric bikes under 800 to buy on this black friday and cyber monday deals 2019.