Best Trail Camera Under $150

Best Trail Camera Under $150 2019 Reviews

Best Trail Camera Under $150Want to know what is the best trail camera under $150? here is a list of best trail cameras under 150 2019 with reviews. This Top rated trail cameras under 150 also includes best best trail cam under 150 dollars.

In this Best Trail Camera review guide we will do a comparison on specification, prices, and user ratings of the newest and best trail cameras under 150 in the market.

This detailed guide will help you to select the best cheap trailer camera for the money. Every Pro hunter knows that how important is to have a good trail camera while hunting success in finding the best wildlife for the upcoming season of hunting in 2019.

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So without wasting further below is the list of best budget trail cam under 150 for the year 2019.

Best Trail Camera Under $150

Sr. No#Best Trail Cam NamePrice
1My Animal Command Outdoor Trail Cameras with Night VisionCheck Price
2Browning Strike Force Pro HD Micro Trail CameraCheck Price
3SPYPOINT SOLAR Trail Camera With Built-in BatteryCheck Price
4Cuddeback Long Range Trail Game Hunting Camera with Mounting Bracket and StrapCheck Price
5BlazeVideo Game Trail Deer CamerasCheck Price

#1. My Animal Command Outdoor Trail Cameras with Night Vision

My Animal Command Outdoor 12MP Trail Cameras with Night VisionIf you are looking for an extremely durable trail camera which continuously function in day and night without break? Do you want to have a trail camera that last long without any worries of harsh weather damaging your gear?

Well My Animal Command Outdoor 12MP Trail Cameras with Night Vision is just made for you.

It has Motion Activated Sensor with Solar Power Pack, IP66 Waterproof 1080p Game Security Spy Camera. It can be used for Deer & Wildlife Hunting for time Lapse.

This trailer camera with long battery has a solar powered long battery with 2500mAh power. This will help your trail camera work day & night without any worry as its battery power last up to 6 months.

The Solar pack itself has a built in power battery pack that gets recharged automatically by light which gives you piece of mind that the Trail camera will never run out of power. If you use the trail camera with inserted batteries, the solar power pack will act as power backup and will automatically switch to the solar power pack when it automatically detects that the internal battery power has decreased thus keeping your camera operating at all times.

  • Solar Power Long Battery
  • Weather / Water Proof
  • Plastic mounting bracket

#2. Browning Strike Force Pro HD Micro Trail Camera

Browning Strike Force Pro HD Micro Trail CameraThe Browning Strike Force Pro HD Trail Camera is a high performance hunting camera. It comes with 6 AA lithium with rechargeable batteries helps to give you a never ending performance. This is trailer camera with red glow, it does not light up, but only gives a faint infrared flash when you take pictures or videos at night. This is a highly efficient trail camera for your next trip.

The Strike Force Pro has a small internal viewer that makes camera setup and picture/video playback extremely easy. The viewer is a huge improvement and the live-view element eliminates the guesswork to setting up for the perfect trailcam shot.

The most feature rich camera in the Strike Force line up is the Strike Force Pro XD.

The best that Browning currently offers in terms of photo/video quality. The setup is simple and it has a relatively fast exposure time for this type of unit. Seems to be well-sealed and weather-resistant. Has survived through some pretty intense downpours so far.

  • High Performance Trail Camera
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • HQ Mod consumes battery very fast

#3. SPYPOINT SOLAR Trail Camera With Built-in Battery

SPYPOINT SOLAR Trail Camera With Built-in BatteryThis is a best durable trail camera has a rechargeable battery with built-in solar panel which keeps the cam running for months in day and night.

Spypoint trail camera is the fastest trail camera available to buy in the market. The 11D Model is really efficient and can last over 11 months on a set of batteries. You are going to love the day picture quality and also can trust with the night pictures. Based on the quality and function this is going to be a killer trail camera.

The Force 11D is a barely red glow infrared trail camera, as the flash is only visible if you are within 5-10 feet and watch closely to the camera. Most people would never notice it, but since it is visible we are labeling it as red glow for now.

  • Good Pictures and Video Quality
  • Awesome Battery Life
  • Low Flash Range at Night
  • No python bracket

#4. Cuddeback Long Range Trail Game Hunting Camera with Mounting Bracket and Strap

The Cuddeback IR is a Infrared Long Range Trail Game Hunting Camera with Mounting Bracket and Strap. Many pro hunters who use trail cameras to help them locate the area for the game, after testing many brands they loves the one brand more then everyone. Cuddeback is the one brand that is loved by pro hunters.

Cuddeback is the world fastest trail camera with 1/4 second trigger speed which means you’ll get more images. They offer quality game cameras in all different price ranges and are a leader in wireless game camera technology too.

It comes with size ‘D’ large batteries which helps you to get a bit longer battery life than normal with this trail cam. This game camera is made out of durable plastic, is sealed up well against moisture and all its electronic parts are coated with a water-resistant barrier.

  • Good Battery Life
  • Good Quality Images and Videos
  • Hard to Setup

#5. BlazeVideo Game Trail Deer Cameras

BlazeVideo Game Trail Deer CamerasBlazeVideo 2-Pack Game Trail Deer Cameras is a No Glow Infrared with 2.4″ LCD Camo Wildlife Hunting Cam. It supports upto 16MP with 65ft Night Vision PIR Motion Activated Sensor and IP66 Waterproof 0.6S Trigger.

Its stealth design makes the camera fit for wildlife observing and researching of wild animals; ideal for riding, camping and exploring as sport camera, even role as security camera for home and office. With its long in-field battery life in standby mode, up to 3 – 6 months with 8*AA batteries and Auto power off in 5 minutes while no keypad controlling, more energy-efficient.

This Trail hunting camera takes pictures/videos at automatically with specified interval and constantly, which make it useful when locating animals like snakes.

Best game trail camera have a password protected option which allows you to protect your camera from unauthorized users.

  • Easy to Setup
  • Good Battery Life
  • Instructions manual is bit difficult

No matter what you need a new hunting camera, security camera, wildlife camera or a dozen new camera traps for your wildlife scouting project we hope our reviews help you find the best trail camera for your budget.

If you are tracking wildlife then we have the best deer cameras. If the cost is a factor then we offer the best trail cameras for the money. Find help selecting the top rate trail cameras here!