Best Camera For Motorcycle Touring

Best Camera For Motorcycle Touring 2019 Reviews / Buyer Guide

Do you love ridding motorcycle? and unable to fine best motorcycle helmet cameras 2019. We have gathered a list of best camera for motorcycle touring to keep you safe while riding your favorite bike.

Keep your all riding action memories safe, don’t miss the inch of adventures with best quality motorcycle dash cams using best action cameras.

Don’t ride on for your next adventure without your action camera is ready to save something to share with your friends and family!

I have personally tested motorcycle touring cameras to review for you best motorcycle dash cam 2019.

You can find a detailed list below to find your favorite best video camera for motorcycle touring.

Check the list below.

Best Camera For Motorcycle Touring 2019

Sr. NoNamePrice
1WeyTy X6S Underwater Action Camera Check Price
2Tachyon 1080p BikerCam Motorcycle Camera System Check Price
3GoPro HD Helmet Hero Check Price
4INNOVV C5 Biker Dash Camera Check Price
5VSYSTO 2CH Motorcycle Camera Recorder Check Price
6Campark ACT74 Action Camera Check Price
7Crosstour Action Camera Check Price
8AKASO Brave 4 Action Camera Check Price
9Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera Check Price
10Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera Check Price

#1. WeyTy X6S Underwater Action Camera

In the era of Action Cameras WeyTy X6S Underwater Camera stand at the top. With its 4K support and 16MP Wifi with 170°Wide Angle Waterproof Camera includes 2×1350 mAh Rechargeable Batteries also Fully Compatible With GoPro best motorcycle dual camera 2019.

WeyTy X6S Not Only works best for Biking, climbing, skating, Hiking, Cycling, but suits best For Swimming, Surfing, Or Diving. Its 30m Underwater Highly Waterproof facility Helps You To Discover beautiful creatures under the deep waters.

You will be blown away by the super Hq video quality and other features. For a motorcycle helmet camera under 100 you get a super fantastic camera.

  • 2*1350 mAh Batteries
  • No SD card Included
  • Works best in Daytime

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Best Motorcycle Helmet Built in Camera

#2. Tachyon 1080p Motorcycle Camera System

If you are looking for helmet with inbuilt camera, then Tachyon is your No. 1 choice.

Tachyon Bikercam Motorcycle Camera System for electric bikes start recording video / stop automatically with the ignition makes it perfect solution if you just want to set it and forget it.

This is small motorcycle helmet cameras as best action camera under 100 ainproof Full HD video and audio camera with continuous loop recording. To continue loop recording you need to plug to 12V or USB socket.

Tachyon works great in all situations even during low light for 7.5 hours at 1080p video recording with the help of 64GB card With or without Time & Date stamp.

  • Very Small
  • Record videos in low light
  • Motor “police” mode
  • None

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Best GoPro For Motorcycle Helmet

#3. GoPro HD Helmet Hero

This is an incredible helmet cam if you love to do action sports and touring and want to catch it and share with your friends and family. It’s a really small camera especially without the case, and super light weight even you don’t feel it in your packaging motorcycle dash cam with dual track.

The GoPro HD Helmet HERO record videos in 3 different resolutions and modes to capture the best angles for action. In 1080p, 960p and 720p.

The HD Helmet HERO cam is fully compatible with all GoPro HERO accessories, makes it easy for you to expand using addons. You can mount this cam anywhere due to its small size even at clamp to bike, surfboards, seat posts, and even can be worn on the chest of wrist.

  • Excellent video quality
  • Water Proof
  • Limitless Mount Options
  • Bit hard to setup

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Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

#4. INNOVV C5 Biker Dash Camera

INNOVV C5 is the best motorcycle helmet camera for bikers with its waterproof functionality. Just ride on your favorite bike and Innovv lens captures adventures while you are riding in heavy storms, dust and rain, its water proof system keeps it safe from water.

This Biker dash camera comes with builtin Wifi makes it easy for you to watch live, download, review, and share footage with the INNOVV official mobile application. Its smartphone application helps you to adjust the system setting with any hassle. With the help of mobile app you can Download video clips directly to the smart phone and deleted or review anytime.  You can easily upload and share with friends and family.

With its support for up to a 128GB SSD memory card, you can record more then 19 hours of the video to the whole road trip.

  • Up to 128GB SSD Card Support
  • Official Mobile App
  • Water Proof
  • None

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#5. VSYSTO 2CH Motorcycle Camera Recorder

VSYSTO motorcycle camera recorder records both front and rear views. It provides better results compared to other sports action camera. It will start / stop recording automatically by detecting the voltage and vibration of your bike.

With the support of up to 128GB SSD card you can record up to 9 hours of videos continuously. You can download, view and share videos with your friends and family with the help of wifi connection.

VSYSTO gets power from motorcycle battery, so you don’t need to charge it every time. Support G-sensor start recording the events videos automatically. You can also start recording video manually by pressing the emergency button on any button of wired remote.

  • G-sensor
  • Good Video Quality
  • Long battery life
  • None

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Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmet Camera

#6. Campark ACT74 Action Camera

Campark has always created their products for the requirement of professionals with its affordable range of Camera For Motorcycle Touring which are tailor-made to capture the extreme adventure of yours and record some awesome trail footage.

You can connect your Campark ACT74 4k Underwater Camera to your smart phone via Wi-Fi, and share your adventure moments to Facebook,Twitter, Instagram. This cheap motorcycle helmet camera support HDMI output, so you can watch your recorded beautiful videos & pictures on TV.

With its waterproof functionality make it perfect for your outdoor sports like Skiing, Gliding, Climbing, Snorkeling, and Driving on the hills.

  • Easy to setup and install
  • Very Lightweight
  • Dual Re-charger Batteries
  • Error in audio while in mobile case
WARNING: KEEP AWAY FROM ALL CHILDREN. Do not put in mouth or nose. This product contains small magnets. Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.

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#7. Crosstour Action Camera Underwater Cam

When you need a waterproof and durable action camera Crosstour Action Camera tops it with its best quality videos and photos in any condition.

Crosstour Action Camera Underwater Cam supports WiFi and record videos in 1080P Full HD 12MP. It is super Waterproof up to 30m with 2″ LCD and 170 degree Wide-angle makes its best Sports Camera. You can record unlimited of your adventure with 2 Rechargeable 1050mAh Batteries and its Mounting Accessory Kits makes it easy to install.

Crosstour comes with 18 multi-functional accessories enable you to mount your action camera to your helmet, bicycles, wrist, etc. Water proof case sometimes causes problem, but we recommend its usage for safety and protection of your camera.

  • Best of Indoor/Outdoor
  • Builtin Wifi
  • Easy to setup / Mount
  • Supports only 32G SD Card
  • No charger for batteries

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#8. AKASO Brave 4 Action Camera 4K 20MP

​Capture the every moment of your adventure using AKASO Brave 4 action camera. AKASO with its upgraded features i.e. ultra HD 4K video recording with 20MP make it your perfect companion for your outdoor events like motorcycling, cycling, diving, skiing and surfing.

You can easily adjust the view angle according to your requirement between 170/140/110/70 degree. Its Builtin smart gyroscope record the videos smoothly even in shaky conditions.

Connect your camera to wifi easily and connect it with your smart phone or tablet by installing Camking app. This make it easy for you to check your videos in real time and share them with your friends and family and on social media. You can easily transfer your all recorded data to your PC / computer or to your TV using HDMI cable.

  • 2 1050mAh batteries rechargeable
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Excellent quality videos
  • No SD Card Included
  • Max 64GB SD card supported

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#9. Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera

Action cameras are loved by adventurous people. Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera has all the qualities to be loved with its 16MP 170° Wide Angle Waterproof Camera make him a hit.

You can control recording videos by remote control on using your wrist band. Easily mount this camera on your selfie stick, helmet, or on motorcycle, the remote is not waterproof though.

You can use Dragon Touch Action Camera as dash cam by turning on the driving and image rotation mode. This cam has ability of loop recording and old videos will be deleted automatically to free up the space. Builtin wifi helps you to connect your smart phone with camera using XDV app, means you can download recorded videos and save them to your smartphone or on PC. Watch these videos even on a large screen using your TV using HDMI cable.

  • Wireless Wrist Remote Control
  • 100ft Water Proof
  • Excellent Quality Video
  • None

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Best Dual Motorcycle Camera

#10. Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera

The Bluskysea DV188 dual motorcycle dashcam action camera and video recorder DVR is designed for your motorbike or car. Recording the action, adventure, scenery and lovely environment around you from your motorcycle’s view.

This is a dual motorcycle camera, means you can record the action for back and front simultaneously. You can easily swap pictures on your tv or any other big screen, thanks to its 2 channel recording ability. G-Sensor lock automatic trigger for file protection, and locked file can’t be removed while loop recording.

  • Easy to setup
  • Good Quality Videos
  • Easy to use
  • No GoPro capability

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We tried our best to list best camera for motorcycle touring, but keep in mind that there are thousand of products available and its very difficult to cover all of those. If you find anything good and you think that it should be included in our list don’t hesitate to comment using below comment section.

We have listed above products on the basis of customers review, price, features and qualities. If you think that we are listing a product which is not good enough or having bad results, please do let us know. We will be happy to re-review that, as we always care for our readers.

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List of cheap dashboard cameras

Garmin Dash Cam 45 Review

Garmin Dash Cam 45 Review 2019

Garmin 45 dash cam is a one of great brand of dash cam. Keep yourself safer during every journey with this Garmin Dash Cam 45. It is able to capture 1920 x 1080 at upto 30fos. It has 2 inch LCD display which is easy fits in every car. One reason I like them is that they make devices, which might normally be financially out of reach and the other main reason is its price is cheap then other brands with same quality.

No doubt Garmin is a quality brand and in this price Garmin dash cam 45 is the excellent choice.In this article you also see garmin dash cam 45 manual or garmin dash cam 45 installation. Actually Garmin Dash Cam is the eye witness of your incident. In this article we define you what are the features, specifications and installation of Garmin Dash Cam 45. KDLINKS R100 HD have the same qualities.

Garmin Car Dash Cam 45 Review

This camera has a lens of 106° for view the road. Garmin Camera 45 is your eyewitness that never blinks. It has and automatic incident detection (G-Sensor) with the help of this whenever an incident is detected, your camera knows to save the current, last and next recordings. No need to worry about start or stop of dash cam, it starts record automatically and save footage in case of incident. If you want to take a close-up view, no need to worry about this you can remove Garmin Dash Cam 45 from your vehicle and take pictures. This Camera  also includes a fun Travelapse feature, which lets you record every adventure and condense hours of driving into minutes of highlights. Garmin Cams are good alternatives of Rexing V1LG.

Garmin Dash Cam 45 Review

Garmin Dash Cam 45 Review

Garmin Dash Cam 45 has built-in Wifi which is a great feature of this camera under this range. In 45 Dash cam many of feature are like Garmin Dash Cam 55. In this model your camera automatically start when your engine is start and when you parked your car, it is automatically off. It also includes lifetime safety camera updates. This model alerts you if you drift off road or into oncoming traffic. It has 4 GB microSDHC and one more Memory Card Slot. This model is voice control. Its weight is just 60g and small in size which easily fit in any car. Footage through the Dash Cam 55 is captured at 1440p, 1080p or 720p with 3.7-megapixel camera while the Dash Cam 45 can record in 1080p and 720p through its 2.1-megapixel camera. Also see BlackSys CH-100B.

Garmin Dash Cam 45 Features

Garmin Dash Cam 45 has many features some are described here.

  • Records High-quality

Garmin Dash Cam record high quality video in 1920x1080p resolution.  Its display is 2.0″ LCD. 2.1 megapixel camera is used in this dash cam. You can Tilts up, down, left, or right on ball mount, and can rotate 360 degrees as well. Its camera works even in low-light conditions. Its also can be used as best action cameras.

  • G-Sensor

G-Sensor automatically saves video footage on impact to show when and where events happened.

  • Wirelessly Sync Videos to Your Smartphone

It has built-in Wi-Fi, so you can wirelessly sync videos to your compatible smartphone after downloading the free VIRB App.

  • Forward Collision Warning

It has forward collision warnings plus alerts for nearby red light cameras and speed cameras.

  • Lane Departure Warning

It has Lane departure warning which alerts you if you drift off the road or into oncoming traffic.

  • “GO” Alerts

Excellent feature of Go Alert is in this dash cam. It notifies you when stopped traffic ahead of your vehicle begins moving again. Best Dash Cams Under 100 2019

  • Support dual camera

It supports dual camera which is a great feature of this dash cam

  • Global Positioning System

GPS-enabled with automatic Incident Detection (G-Sensor) saves video footage on impact to show where the incident happened.

Garmin 45 Dash Cam Specifications

Here are some specifications of 45 Garmin Dash Cam.

  • Battery Life

    up to 30 minutes

  • Dimensions (WxDxH)

    5.62 x 3.53 x 4.05 cm

  • GPS

    GPS enabled

  • Video Quality

    1920x1080p resolution

  • Weight

    59.5 g


  • GPS mode
  • Unique Travelapse mode
  • Easy-to-use Voice Control
  • Great Battery Timing
  • Detailed daytime video quality
  • Relatively cheap than others. If this is expensive so you want dash camera under 50.


  • Blown out lighting at night

Garmin Dash Cam 45 Test


Overall, Dash Cam 45 from Garmin is a great choice for quality and reliability. It is  one of the smallest dashcams out there and from a name like Garmin, best action camera under 100, you know you’re in good hands. With the help of this product you can save your time and money. At last Garmin Dash Cam 45 is a well designed, effective and inconspicuous recorder of your travels, and potential safety device. If you do not like see best motorcycle touring cameras.

10 Best Dash Cam for Truckers 2019 Reviews / Buyers Guide

Best Dash Cam for Truckers

Best Dash Cam for Truckers

Do you own a expensive truck? and want to know what are the best dash cam for truckers 2019?. We have gathered a list of best dash cam for your truck with complete reviews and buyers guide.

A truck dash cam is one of the must have gadget for your expensive truck. It helps you to investigate the issue properly and honestly. A pure and high quality truck dashboard camera systems can save you from many problems during your journey to deserted roads.

The best Night vision dash cams can be very useful if you travels a lot during the nights even on the car.

Find a good dash cam for your truck can be tricky, specially best front and rear dash cam for your truck. So we have prepared a list of one of the best dash cams for truckers to easy your problem. Looking for more cheap dash cam? here is list of Dash Cam Under 50.

10 Best Dash Cam for Truckers 2019

  1. ITrue X3 Dash Cam
  2. Garmin Dash Cam 20
  3. KDLINKS X1 Full-HD
  4. Wheel Witness HD PRO
  5. Old-Shark 3″ Dash Cam
  6. ITRUE X6D Dual Dash Cam
  7. Z-EDGE Z3 Dash Cam as Best action cameras.
  8. Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 Dash Cam
  9. Rexing V1LG Dash Cam
  10. Anker ROAV C1 Dash Cam

List of Best Truckers Dash Cam 2019

Product NameDisplayPrice
Anker ROAV C1 Dash Cam2.4” LCD Screen Check Price
Rexing V1LG Dash Cam2.4” LCD FHD Check Price
Street Guardian SG9665GC v31.5" HD TFT Screen Check Price
Z-EDGE Z3 Dash Cam2.7" LCD Screen Check Price
ITRUE X6D Dual Dash Cam3.0" LCD Screen Check Price
Old-Shark 3″ Dash Cam3.0" LCD Screen Check Price
Wheel Witness HD PRO3.0” LCD Screen Check Price
KDLINKS X1 Full-HD2.7" LCD Screen Check Price
Garmin Dash Cam 203.0” LCD Screen Check Price
ITrue X3 Dash Cam3.0" LCD Screen Check Price
Vantrue T2 Dash Cam2.0'' LCD Screen Check Price
CHICOM 9.66" Mirror Dash Cam Touch Full Screen9.66" LCD Screen Check Price

What’s the best dash cam for truckers 2019

#11. Vantrue T2 Dash Cam Wave Guard Parking Mode Recorder

Vantrue T2 Dash Cam Wave Guard Parking Mode RecorderThe Vantrue T2 is an interesting dashcam, a bit different to the rest. At first sight it appears expensive for the specification, but if your requirements match its specification then it is worth considering.

The most interesting feature is what they call “24H Wave Guard Parking Monitoring”, turns out this is radar based motion detection. They never actually refer to it as radar, not sure why, some of the documentation refers to it as microwave. I assume it is X band radar, same as supermarket automatic door openers since my radar detector doesn’t pick it up, or at least it doesn’t pick it up until I disconnect the camera from its power, then the radar detector detects strong Ka band radar for the next 3 minutes! Bit surprising since it doesn’t have a battery, it is supercapacitor based, clearly the radar sensor doesn’t use much power.

So why use a radar detector? First it is not affected if the wind blows the trees about, or by anything over 10 meters away, it only detects cars and people moving near the car, and occasionally a big cat. The range for people is about 6 meters and for cars about 8 meters, occasionally 10 meters. Second it requires almost zero power, my USB power meter reads 0.00 watts when in parking mode, so it is only using a few milliwatts of power instead of around 2 watts for image sensor based motion detection. This camera in parking mode will not drain your car battery unless it is parked on a street with constant traffic on the same side of the road. Third, it reliably detects people and cars at around 6 meters distance with a field of view of about 180°, without any false alarms. Unlike a g-sensor which will only detect contact, and even then will always miss if someone uses a spray can on your car, or image sensor based motion detection which will detect any movement at any distance so will always have a lot of false alerts. The radar even works reliably in the dark, although of course the image sensor doesn’t do so well at recording! You can easily buy this under 200 dollars.

  • Good Night Quality
  • Very Affordable
  • High Quality Videos
  • A Bit Large Size
  • Small Buttons

View Price on Amazon

#10. ITrue X3 Dash Cam For Truckers

ITrue X3 is at number 10 in out list. Let’s explore some of its features, good and bads. Its has slightly bigger size compare to its other brothers from ITrue. Emergency G-Sensor can lock current video file to memory. Record Full HD Videos at 1920×1080 with 170° angle with endless loop mode.

Works amazing at night too powered by 6 layers glass lenses with WDR system. One Year Manufacturer Warranty To Cover Any Issues. MicroSD card included. BlackSys CH-100B can of good alternative of this. You can also use this for your electric bike under 1000.

ITrue X3 Dash Cam For Truckers

ITrue X3 Dash Cam For Truckers

View Price on Amazon

  • G-Sensor
  • Auto On/Off along with your Engine turning on or off
  • Excellent Night-vision
  • Supports up to 32GB MicroSD/TF Card
  • Big size.
  • You get what you paid for.

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Truck Dashboard Camera Systems

#9. Garmin Dash Cam 20

Garmin Dash Cam are one of the most respected names in the cams industry. Their quality and name give you an assurance that their Dash cam will offer you the best experience for recording videos as you drive your truck on the roads. Have a look at our list of best dash cams under $100.

Allow to record either 1080 or 720 pixels plus real time recording view with the help of ultra-clear 3inches LCD screen. With the help of its excellent field of view, you’re sure to record the finest details possible, even in low light conditions.

Garmin Dash Cam 20

Garmin Dash Cam 20

View Price on Amazon

  • Forward collision warning
  • Incident detection
  • Red light and speed cam warnings
  • Only 1 Battery Included
  • Sometimes Forward collision warning is annoying

View Price on Amazon

Best Dash Cam For Pickup Trucks

#8. KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Dash Cam

KDLINKS X1 is one of the finest dash cams. It comes with GPS Enabled Full HD 1920×1080 165 Degree Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder Trucker Dash Cam with Gravity Sensor, WDR Superior Night Model.

KDLinks X1 has some very powerful reviews from its loyal customers. Its amazing features proved that they are so very right. Can we use this for motorcycle touring? let’s read a detailed review here.

Nevertheless, it is a product worth having given its many advanced features. This came uses 6-glass lens to filter each frame with the latest super night vision by F1. The super wide-angle lens and this technology ensure videos captured in the dark are always clear.

  • Full-HD Video 1920*1080 at 30 fps, super wide 165° angle.
  • Superior Night-vision
  • Built-in GPS
  • G-Sensor
  • Inadequate SD card
  • No 12V adapter for use in cars
  • Mounting could loosen the control panel in time.

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#7. Wheel Witness HD PRO Dash Cam

If you want to register crystal clear videos WheelWitness HD PRO is made for you. WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam comes with GPS – 2K Super HD – 170° Lens is enough to record ultra clear videos. Prepacked 16GB microSD makes sure that you record videos on the go. Its Advanced Driver Assistance – For 12V Cars & Trucks with Night Vision Dashboard Camera Ambarella A7LA50 Car Security DVR.

This dash cam is one of the finest trucker cameras that’s worth a mention in this guide. The dash camera is quite easy to install with its plug-in and play features. The WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS Premium dash cam requires you to insert the memory card, stick the suction cup and plug your camera into the source of power.

Wheel Witness HD PRO Dash Cam

Wheel Witness HD PRO Dash Cam

View Price on Amazon

  • (WDR) technology for night vision
  • FREE 16GB MicroSD
  • 3x mounts for multiple vehicles
  • High-price than others
  • Not very sturdy

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#6. Old-Shark 3″ Dashboard Camera

We have listed Old-Shark 3 as 6th in our list. This is due to to its amazing features like 1080P HD Car Recorder 170 Wide Angle Night Vison Dashboard Camera with G-Sensor, Loop Recording, WDR, Parking Monitor. It also have wide usage and loads of positive feedback for its remarkable job. Being a high-quality model.

OldShark is a professional dash cam manufacturer, dedicated to creating car camera that improve the safety, and enjoyment of every driving. It provides OEM and ODM services for numerous famous brands around the world.

Oldshark truckers dash cam automatically detects accidents when they occur and saves the footage automatically with integrated G-sensor. These recording can easily retriever it whenever you wish to. Above all, you’ll enjoy a lifetime hassle-free warranty that covers all the issues related to your device.

Old-Shark 3″ Dashboard Camera

Old-Shark 3″ Dashboard Camera

View Price on Amazon

  • Snapshot feature for taking still images
  • Wide angle and night vision support
  • Emergency Accident Lock
  • The suction mount was not good
  • Many of complaints, manufacture defect

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#5. ITRUE X6D Dual Dash Cam

The ITRUE X6D Dual trucker Dash Cam Pro matches the real definition of the smart dashboard camera for semi trucks. It’s a compact but powerful camera. Its less space occupancy dosen’t stop its real features and power of a dash cam. See out list of best action cameras in affordable prices.

ITRUE X6D Dual Car Dash Cam Pro Stealth records super Full-HD 1080P 170° Wide Angle videos. Its Night Mode, G-Sensor with WDR makes it a strong competitor in the market. Packed with16GB MicroSD Card records the video on the go. Ready to use right out of the box. One Year Warranty To Cover Any Dash Cam hardware Issues. First Class best support for all customers. All emails would be replied in 24 hours, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

ITRUE X6D Dual Dash Cam

ITRUE X6D Dual Dash Cam

View Price on Amazon

  • 2.4-inch LCD
  • 16GB MicroSD card
  • Rear VGA camera.
  • You get What you paid for.

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#4. Z-Edge Z3 Ultra HD Dash Cam

Z-Edge Z3 3″ dash cam is built using high-performance Ambarella A7 with Color CMOS Sensor to avoid blur recording.

This dash cam supports 145 degrees wide angle video recording even is very bad light conditions, with the help of six glass lenses.

With its Ignition Detection system it start / stop recording videos when you swith on/off your vehicle. Z-Edge Z3 support loop recording and tts G-Sensor technology save the incident videos immediatly.

Z-Edge Z3 Ultra HD Dash Cam

Z-Edge Z3 Ultra HD Dash Cam

View Price on Amazon

  • G sensor
  • Motion Detection
  • No touch-screen
  • Max 64GB card supported

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Best Dual Channel Dash Cam

#3. Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 2019

If you are really looking for finest trucker dash cam, then your search ends with Street Guardian Top dash cam of 2019. This dash camera record videos in awesome quality day & night with super easy installation.

Its Free Desktop Software app helps watch and organize videos easilly. You can check your G-sensor and GPS information as well.

Street Guardian all products are thoroughly tested and revewied by pro users and its products are considerably higher quality compared to other manufacturers. Their support team is awesome and they are very active active in different dashcam forums.

Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 2018

Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 2019

View Price on Amazon

  • Expandable Memory Size Up To 256GB
  • Free Desktop Software
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Short GPS cord
  • Less accommodation on the windscreen

View Price on Amazon

#2. Rexing V1LG Dashboard Camera For Truckers

One of the first things which most people consider before buying any “Dash Camera” is to make sure that they do not interfere while Driving.

The Rexing V1LG cam fits perfect to your needs by sticking to the glass and it is very difficult to notice that there is a dashboard camera installed.

Picture quality is more then excellent with pretty clear results. It has builtin accident detection system. This cam is dual channel with GPS, which is necessary for any accident investigation.

With loop recordings facility it will automatically overwrite most oldest data when the memory card is with low space old locked videos will be safe from being overwritten. With the help of G-sensor current indicent video will be locked, to make sure that your most important footage is safe and protected.

Rexing V1LG Dashboard Camera For Truckers

Rexing V1LG Dashboard Camera For Truckers

View Price on Amazon

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT use SanDisk Ultra cards with Rexing V1LG, as these cards are not optimized for dash cam use. The recomended SanDisk cards for use with dash cams are SanDisk High Endurance cards.
  • Dual channel
  • Memory size Upto 128Gb
  • Built-in GPS
  • Big size
  • Rear cam video is not good even in daytime

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Best Rated Dash Cam For Truckers

#1. Anker ROAV C1 Dash Cam For Truckers

Roav C1 is a premier dashboard camera, build with an advanced sensor with premium lens. Avalability of NightHawk technology with built-in Wi-Fi, and a custom app track and record every ride in super hight 1080p even at night.

With its official smart phone app you can easily download and share the recorded video. This dash cam starts recording videos automatically when its shock sensor feel suddenly jolted even if your car’s turned off.

Anker have an excellent reviews for their ontime customer support. They offer support from different channels including email, phone support for selected countries, including the US, UK, Japan, and Germany.

Anker ROAV C1 Dash Cam

Anker ROAV C1 Dash Cam

View Price on Amazon

  • Dual channel
  • Big size

View Price on Amazon

Best Dash Cam for HGV

CHICOM 9.66″ Mirror Dash Cam Touch Full Screen

CHICOM 9.66 Mirror Dash Cam Touch Full ScreenThis dash camera is the best one ever you are going to get, the dash camera is recording video and images super clear, it is safe to have a dash camera on HGV just for accident or emergency happens. It is not difficult to install, there a list of instruction that need to take some time to follow, it is not hard for most of people. Overall, this is a great dash cam.

Time lapse mode can be used to save a lot of SD card storage space when parked in a very busy area or parked for days on end. If you setting continuously recording footage at around 1 frame per second, 2 hours of footage can be reviewed in 4 minutes. (To use the time interval mode, please connect the dash cam to your car’s fuse box with hard wire kit.)

Combined with 1080P 350 degree rotation front camera and 1080P waterproof backup camera, presents a clear image of vehicles and objects around you when driving. Star-light night vision, provide a clearer view at day and night, see more, drive safer.

IP67 waterproof standard keeps your backup camera working well in rainy weather.

View Price on Amazon


Best Dash Cams Under 100 2018 Reviews / Buyers Guide

Best Dash Cams Under 100 2019 Reviews / Buyers Guide

Are you unable to find Best Dash Cams Under 100 2019? Well your problem is loved, we have prepared a list of best dash cams under $100 dollar for UK, Australia and USA customers.

Being a customer too, we know that everybody loves to buy affordable dash cams for the safety of their favorite drive.

Selecting a dashboard camera under 100 is may be a difficult task, compared to high end cams. But for the customers who can’t afford expensive cameras can go through this list to find out what’s best for them.

If you are still looking for cams more cheaper then £100? you should visit our list of dash cams under 50.

So here is out list of Dash cams under 100 dollar.

Best Dash Cams Under 100 2019

Product NameDisplayPrice
ThiEYE Safeel ONE1.5 Inch LCD Check Price
Roav DashCam C1 Pro2.4" Inch LCD Check Price
Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam2.4" Inch LCD Check Price

ThiEYE Safeel ONE Car Dash Cam

Safeel ONE manufactured by ThiEYE is tiny size for a dash cam but not in less for features for any other dash cam. Record videos at Full HD 1296P resolution with an expanded 145° degree view displays a clear picture on screen.

Safeel One Supports excellent night vision and capture clear videos even in low light. Its parking monitor detects motion and record videos automatically with vibration detection Best Dash Cams Under 100 Buyers Guide.

G Sensor technology detects abnormal movement of the vehicle and automatically locks the record for further use. You can easily setup it and mount on the windshield or dashboard, a dual charger is also included.

  • Excellent videos quality
  • Dual Car Charger
  • Easy to Install
  • No SSD Card Included

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Roav DashCam C1 Pro by Anker

Roav’s premium 2K Resolution dashboard camera engineered with an advanced sensor, GPS Loggin and premium lens. Superior 30fps recording technology records everything with Wi-Fi and official app allows you to record and share HD Videos. Let’s check the list of dash cam under 200.

Overall, this is a great quality dash camera. It’s discreet, user friendly and seems well built. Video quality is good and the parking monitor (which will record a 30 second video if the gravity sensor detects motion) is a nice feature. You will feel a little safer with the Roav C1 Pro mounted to your windshield. Let’s check out our best action camera under £100.

Record more than just the car ahead of you. Comprised of 6 lens elements, Dash Cam’s wide-angle lens captures 4 lanes of traffic, giving you complete footage of road conditions. When your car is parked, Dash Cam’s Gravity Sensor detects sudden movements, such as a car bumping into your car, and automatically turns on to record activity.

  • 2K Resolution
  • SSD Card and Car Charger
  • LCD too small
  • Big size Power Button

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Best Dash Cam Under $100 Australia

Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

Rexing’s Under $100 V1 dash cam captures very good day video, decent results at night too, and is easy mounting and use. But its without GPS, you need to pay extra $30 to get GPS addon.

This dashboard camera has some good positive rating over amazon thanks to its discreet design, full HD Recording. It record videos in 170 Degree angle with loop recording facility. Why not try a best action cameras this time?.

Its G Sensor technology auto detects abnormal movement and locks the videos for protection and further use.

  • Excellent Recording
  • Turn On / Off Audio
  • Auto Turnoff Display
  • Some customers are annoyed with stop recording

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Best Dual Dash Cam Under 100

Best Dash Cam Under £100 UK

Garmin Dash Cam 55 Review

Garmin Dash Cam 55 Review 2019

If you want to buy Garmin Dash Cam 55, then this post is for you. In this post we easily describe the Review of Garmin 55 Dash Cam 2019. The installation, Specifications, accessories of Garmin 55 Dash Cam manual are easily explained. you can easily see Videos of Dash cam 55 test. Wifi has an excellent feature. 55 Garmin Cam is voice control thats why it is easy to use. Why not try best action cameras 2019.

Some safety features are also add in this product overall Garmin products is just amazing and many of people use this in specially USA and UK. All of Specs are amazing thats why it is little bit expensive then others. If this camera is not in your range, So check Dash Cam under 50 dollar.

Garmin Car Dash Cam 55 Review

Garmin’s Dash Cam 55 is one of the most high-tech dashboard cameras in the market today. With its ultra HD, Wi-Fi, GPS, voice control and tons of other features, it certainly stands out against other models. When you take a look at this product and its specifications, you are happy to see it beauty and its features of 1440p video recording.

Garmin Dash Cam 55 Review

Garmin Dash Cam 55 Review

It has light with two inch screen and a powerful and amazing 3.7 megapixel camera. Garmin Dash Cam 55 has a long battery life of about 30 minutes. Battery is only used for save the video when you turn your car off. Its 2 inch display is looking adorable and attractive. You can also mount Garmin cams for truckers.

Garmin Dash Cam 55 Features

Here are some features of garmin dash cam 55 camera.

Video and GPS tracking System

Video is recording upto 1440p and for the video storage this camera comes with a Micro SD Card of upto 8 to 64 Gb. You don’t need a large memory card because people only want video of accident or any incident. Garmin Dash cam 55 is come with an automatic detector of accidents. This detector is known as G-Sensor. Sometimes buying a dash cam with high price can provide better quality and some extra features.

With the help of this detector, sudden impact of an accident allows automatic locked recording of the video in real time. This Garmin product provides the GPS tracking. Garmin is famous for their GPS tracking system. This GPS also show your speed and it is easy after accident for filling an insurance claim. Garmin Cams are good alternatives of Rexing V1LG.


Main feature of Garmin Dash Cam 55 is safety. This camera has some safety instructions like if other car is approaching in front of you too fast. Lane Departure warnings is also a safety feature which alert you, if you go outside you lane. Here is one more alert which is called GO. This alert notifies when you are stand still and traffic starts moving ahead of you. KDLINKS R100 HD have the same qualities.

Parking Mode

Garmin Dash cam 55 has parking mode which allows you to monitor your vehicle every time. Parking mode required a hardwire kit, So it can your cars battery when your car if off. Camera will remain in standby mode.

Voice Control System

This is an amazing feature and with the help of this you are verbally activate your all features of camera. Some commands are like “Take a Picture” , “Save the video” and “Record Audio”. In Garmin 55 Dash Cam this feature is different from others models and many of people prefer this model. Also do check our review of motorcycle touring cameras.

Garmin Dash Cam 55 Specs

  • High-quality 3.7 megapixel camera
  • Camera with 2560x1440p video capture
  • Camera works in low-light conditions
  • GPS-enabled with automatic incident detection
  • Voice control allows you to start/stop audio recording or take a picture
  • Lane departure warnings
  • Has Wi-Fi
  • 8GB Micro SD card
  • Long Battery Timing
  • 2.0″ LCD Display
  • 122° lens angle
  • Has G-Sensor
  • 2.08 ounces weight
  • 1080 HDR video


Here are the some pros of Garmin Dash Cam 55.

  • It is easy to use because it is voice control.
  • Image Size is amazing due to its 1440p resolution.
  • Safety features are amazing.
  • Video Quality is excellent specially in day time.
  • Main feature is Garmin Dash Cam 55 has unique Travel apse mode.
  • Amazing feature of content sharing through VIRB app.
  • Garmin 55 Dash Cam is simply to use.
  • Wifi adds more beauty in this Dash Cam.
  • If you want to record videos, Its depends on which quality you selects and it is upto 2.5K resolution.
  • Well designed and adjustable for use in any car.


Here are some cons of Garmin Dash Cam 55.

  • A quite expensive for new user.
  • Put out the light at night.
  • Overheating
  • In Garmin 55 Dash Cam, Car power adapter cant be removed from cable.
  • In this Dash Cam, the Smartphone provides a low control.
  • For view the footage you need to insert into a computer because Micro SD card doesn’t come with a reader.

Daytime Or Night Time light conditions test

Night time footage Test


In short with the help of this product you can save your time, money and get amazing features in just one product. If you are looking for safety, affordability, excellent video recording then Garmin Dash Cam 55 is for you, if you don’t like BlackSys CH-100B.  It captures top quality video that features the time, date, your speed and location on it too.

Find out our best action camera under $100 list and review.